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Nalys Gent

TRAINING - Docker Fundamentals (2/3)

This Docker Fundamentals module is divided into 3 evening sessions, that will take place in Gent.

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TRAINING - Docker Fundamentals (2/3)
TRAINING - Docker Fundamentals (2/3)

Time and Location


Nalys Gent, Kerkstraat 108, 9050 Gent, Belgique

About the event

*Please read the information below, before registering*

*By registering to this event, you are engaged to follow all 3 evening sessions of the Docker Fundamentals module*

The following training module on Docker Fundamentals will get you launched to an intermediary level to use Docker and containers in practice. 

 Training Sessions Overview

  • Overview of the foundational concepts and practices of container technologies.
  • These training sessions offer you to learn the basic concepts to get started in future more complex container workflows.
  • Strong emphasis on the Docker engine, an industry-leading container toolkit.
  • Focus on current best practices informed by engineers with extensive field experience.
  • Extensive hands-on labs, enterprise-focused scenarios, and practical examples.
  • You will learn the skills to integrate containers in the daily workflow of any ICT related process, e.g. CI/CD and build environments in software integration, e.g. distributed applications in web development teams and e.g. orchestration of containers and scaling workloads in IT departments.

Who can attend?

  • Developers, integrators, testers, and architects desiring a strong foundation in container technologies and an introductory hands-on experience building, shipping, and running Docker containers.


  • Philippe MARIMAN - Lead Consultant in Embedded Systems

When and where?       Evening Session 1 - Wednesday 25/03 

  •      Introduction to Linux and container technologies
  •      Introducing Docker
  •      Containers and images
  •      Creating and running containers
  •      Creating images
  •      Docker Volumes

  Evening Session 2 - Wednesday 01/04

  •      Docker Networking Basics
  •      Container registries
  •      Docker-compose
  •      Start final big lab exercise

 Evening Session 3 - Wednesday 08/04

  •      Docker alternatives and why
  •      Some Docker internal technologies
  •      Orchestration of containers
  •      Finish final big lab exercise 

Requirements from Participants 

  • If you register to this event, you are engaged to follow all the 3 evening sessions. 
  • Please bring a laptop with Linux pre-installed natively
  • Ideally, the latest ( 18.09 or 19.03 ) Docker is pre-installed (guides for common Linux distributions are easily found online)

Important: The number of seats is limited. Please be sure you can attend the 3 sessions before registering. If you registered and notice that you are unable to attend the event, please contact us in advance to free a seat for another participant : cc 

Notice: Depending on the number of registrations and the number of participants on the waiting list, another session might be organized at the same time in Ghent or another time in Brussels. In that case, you will be contacted to be informed about the organization. 


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