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Gstreamer evening session - Brussels

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Middle of February, the Linux Cell organised a evening session on GStreamer in Brussels.

GStreamer is an open-source, cross-platform multimedia framework mainly used to create media applications (streaming, video editing, media playback, etc). Because of it's modular and intuitive design, it is widely used in both small hobby projects (eg. creating an IP camera using a raspberry pi), as well as big commercial projects (eg. live web streaming of a football match).

The eveninig session was animated by Thomas Willems, currently working at Melexis and being an intrapreneurship program within the Linux Cell at Nalys.

He is using GStreamer in his daily work to stream video data of a Time-Of-Flight sensor in real-time to a client.

During this session, participants learned the basic concepts of the GStreamer framework, and familiarised with the tools that will allow to make their own GStreamer applications from the command line.

This was also the occasion for present engineers to discuss about their current projects and topics of expertise around some drinks and food!

For more information about the session, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also find more information about Nalys events on our blog.


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