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WEBINAR - The benefits of the CI/CD approach in DevOps

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, which means getting the possibility to continuously update and release a software.

But how does it work? Do I really need this? Will it help me save time, money, and resources?

On the 16th of December, N'Tech launched its second Webinar to answer all of these questions and give an overview with a concrete explanation about the subject.


  • A general explanation of the CI/CD approach and its benefits in DevOps

  • Presentation of the key concepts, and their added value

  • Demos with concrete cases (CI in Embedded and CD in WebApp environments)

  • Conclusion with a summary of the main points to know

  • Questions and answers

Regardless of your expertise, this webinar will definitely give you the main notions that can be applied at different levels on your project(s).

SPEAKER: Denis - Software Development Director

For more information about the webinar, don't hesitate to contact us:


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